Since the World Health Organization (WHO) announced Covid19 as a worldwide pandemic, Holiday Factory stopped all holiday package sales for travels until 31st of August 2020 and subsequently temporarily suspended operations in Dubai Headquarters office as well as all other offices around the world.

Since Airlines are now performing a few commercial flights and some border restrictions have been lifted, we have resumed our international operations in Dubai Headquarters from 15th Sep 2020. Our sales started gradually first to beautiful Armenia and Zanzibar and soon to Maldives and other destinations.

All refunds & other service related issued that were unfortunately encountered during these unprecedented times, resulting from the closure of our offices are now being handled on priority. We plan to proactively communicate with our customers in the coming days and weeks to resolve all pending issues. Please bear with us and be patient with our customer care team which is working hard to manage the backlash of the last few months.

Although the Holiday destinations are still limited, we are delighted that within days a couple of hundred passenger’s booked their first Holiday Packages and started enjoying their first holidays in our destinations. We are following all guidelines issued by the governments in order to give our customers the best Holiday experience. Now more than ever, complete Holiday Packages are the best choice. Our “GO EASY Holiday Packages” include everything and we take care of all that a customer needs to enjoy a complete holiday experience in the new “ Normal” world.

Yes, a lot of things have changed in the last couple of months but the desire to switch off for a moment, relax and enjoy in the beauty the world have to offer – hasn’t changed and will never change. Crises, wars, pandemics and other disasters hit the world hard in the past but people still travelled since centuries to explore and see the world. In the last 50 years travel became affordable for the majority of the population in modern industrial nations. We see this desire and need after and during such a difficult time even increasing. For those who think travel will change and will become expensive and only available to certain income groups, we suggest to check out our website and our deals. From regular holidays to luxury holidays all our packages are affordable same as before – it is for you to choose.

Travel was, is and will always be part of our life and the freedom of choice.

Enjoy your next Holiday – you truly deserve it after a long time.

Your Holiday Factory Team


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